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Sake Links

The sake links is a place where I will post sake news, articles, links to podcasts, etc.  There is lots of good content out there related to the world of sake. These are some I find interesting.

***I do not recieve any type of compensation from these links.  They are lited because I feel they offer a gret service to the sake world and I enjoy their content, information, products, and services.***

Sake Podcasts


Sake Revolution is great podcast hosted by Sake Samurai Timothy Sullivan and the creator of the Sske Notes web page (and a man I feel should also be a Sake Samurai)  John Puma. The cover all aspects of sake and even interview some fascinating names in the sake world.

Sake-Deep-Dive (1).webp

Sake Deep Dive is a monthly podcast hosted by sake writer Jim Rion and sake brewer Andrew Russell.  This duo covers all a wide range of sake topics.  They cover types of sake, types of sakamai, and different aspects of the brewing process.


Sake On Air is a new podcast that explores the many facets of sake. It is hosted by a group of experts who share their thoughts and experiences with sake.  They always have guests who shed light on areas of sake that many might not think about.

Sake Classes


Sake School of America is a great place to go if you are interested in taking some classes about sake.  You can find a list of classes they offer across the country and start your journey towards earning various certifications in sake.

Sake Professional course is a class offered by Sake Samurai John Gaunter.  It covers the many aspects of sake from terminolgy, brewing and tasting.

Sake Sales


Namazake Paul is great source for purchasing sake.  Namazake Paul has a fantastic selection of namzake, hiyaoroshi, and all other types of sake.  My favorite feature on the page is his Mystery Bottle Option.   I have never been disappointed  by his selection.


Tippsy Sake is a wonderful web page that allows you to all kinds of great sake delivered to your home.  They have a great selection and great prices.  It is one of my go to places for sake.  They also have a great rewards program. 

Sake Information and Community


Sake Times is a great place to go for sake news. It contains some great information and some interesting stories.

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