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2021: Time for some positivity

Well, it is 2021. I hope everyone’s year is starting off well. I mean it will be hard to be worse than 2020, am I right? Well I think even though the pandemic was terrible I was able to find some good in it. I started hosting samurai movie night watch parties online. The watch parties allowed me to find a cool group of people of all kind of backgrounds and locations. (If you are interested in watching with us the info can be found here.)

Anyway, another good thing came out of that year. It gave me the clarity to realize how I want to describe my page. is a web page about a sake beginner’s journey into the world of sake. It is entry level is another way to phrase it. I know I stated over and over I am not an expert but failed to describe it as a beginner’s page. (Total brain fart on my part.) Getting this in the open will allow me to not be so afraid of making a mistake on the page where I need to be corrected. Hey, everyone needs to start somewhere.

Also, since this is a beginner’s page and a page you will not see fancy food pairings. There are a few reasons for this.

1. I am not that fancy of a guy. When you see pairings I make on Instagram or Facebook it is just a sake I wanted to drink and a food I wanted to eat. No other thoughts went through my mind.

2. Sake is supposed to be fun. Sake is as fun as you make it. You want to try that fancy bottle of sake you got with a PB&J go for it. Sake and chips? Sure. Experiment and have your sake experience your way.

I know I have not really posted much or even got around to completing the projects for the page that I wanted because of various reasons. (Life happens and sometimes you just need to accept it work around it.) This year will be different. I will force myself to get things done.

First, I plan on continuing my sake education. I have signed up for another class. For those of you who do not know I have completed my WSET Level 1 Award Sake in 2019. I feel it is time to take another class. I will be signing up for one shortly and I will share that experience with you guys.

Second, I plan on working to improve my tasting skills. This is something I personally want to work on. I usually just open the bottle and start drinking it. I plan on slowing down and actually taking notes. After, all I did create a tasting notes sheet to use and for you guys to use as well. If I ever decided to go for a sake sommelier I will need to work on that skill.

As we begin 2021 and as the world slowly opens back up, I plan on creating more content and posting more. So please continue to follow me on social media, join the watch party, and come with me on my journey. Afterall, I am the guy who wants to inspire to enter the word of sake and not scare you from it.

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