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2022 New Year, New Opportunities

Akemashite Omedatou!

Well, another trip around the sun has been completed. 2021 is over. For me 2021 has been a good year. Covid-19 is still around, but I had other great things happen that cancel out any of the negativity Covid brings.

This year I made big life choice and started a new job that allowed me to move back to Japan (at least for a few years). This should bring my sake journey to new heights. It should be easier to get a bigger selection of sake and even give me opportunities to visit breweries. (I have already visited one which I will write about after the new year).

Also, 2021 was a great year for the Samurai Movie Night I host online. We had more people join the discord and participate in movies. It has become a nice supportive community where people can have some fun and forget all about the world’s problems. So if you are curious feel free to try it out. It is 100% free.

This new job also gives me more free time and more time at home which after being on the road for almost 20 years is nice. I just need to make an effort to use my time wisely now. For 2022 I am going to challenge myself this year with a few goals. My goals will to just be to improve my skills and knowledge and not focus on “mastery” of anything.

So here are my 2022 goals:

1. Create more content for the blog.

I know say this every year since I started, but this year should be easier since my working hours have drastically changed. Plus being in Japan I should definitely have more to see and share.

2. Work on my sake tasting skills.

When I open up a bottle of sake, I pour it and start drinking it. This year I really want to focus on trying to create good tasting notes. I did create a tasting notes form a while back. I need to start using it.

3. Work on my Japanese.

I have been learning more, but I will make sure to dedicate time to improve. Plus, I will definitely have a lot opportunities to use it. Since I am living in Japan again I will definitely be bale to practice.

4. Improve my martial arts skills.

Well in PA I did do judo and Iaido. I have been a judoka for 7 years. So trying to improve my judo is always something I work on. Since I can’t find an Iaido place (yet) I started kendo. I started with my son so it should be an interesting journey as well. Since I am new to kendo my skill can only get better.

5. Improve my physical and mental health.

I know everyone makes this goal. I am no different. I can be healthier in both areas. I plan to lose some weight (aiming for a small amount but hoping it is more). I also plan to continue to meditate to keep the stress away. I will also plan to try to just be more positive and bring more positivity in the world.

2022 will hold lots of opportunities and enjoyment for me. It is jsut up to me to make everything happen.

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