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A Review of my Experience Using TippsySake

I would like to say that this is not a sponsored post. This was a service I found and opted to share my experience with you guys. (However, I am open to being sponsored and paid in sake!)

I previously wrote about how I live in what I call a “sake desert”. I can’t find a good selection of sake near house. So it is 2019 and I turned to the internet. I found I saw that on TippsySake you could sign up for a subscription service and have different bottles sent to your house once a month or that you could by individual bottles. I opted to go with a singe bottle to test the service out.

I decided to put the services of to the test. I live in Pennsylvania and the liquor laws here are antiquated. I was not sure if I could actually use TippsySake. So I decided I would only order one bottle for my first order.

I was surprised by TippsySake’s selection. There were 170 different selections to choose from. I believe they did an awesome job of letting you find the sake that suits your needs. They allow you to search by flavor profile (light and sweet, dry and rich, etc), price range, sake brand, brewery, type of sake, and even special features (nigori, koshu, yamahai, etc). They even let you know what the recommend and even what is on sale. I chose the display all option and just searched by looking at the bottles.

I found some bottles I was interested in purchasing. This brought up another interesting feature of the web page. When you brought up page about the bottle it provided you with all kinds of information. There was nice blurb about the sake. It was the type you read on the bottle about it having hints flavors in it. As you continue to scroll down you get some more information. The provide you the information such as the SMV (sake meter value or nihonshu-do), the rice polishing ratio (seimaibuai), flavor profile (which had the acidity or sanmi value on a graph of to side), and the abv. I thought that feature was great. I know when I am shopping in person those are all things

I look for on the bottle as I shop.

On the same page there was other information such as serving temperature recommendations. This was similar to what you might find on a bottle of sake with the X’s and circles. They also provided tasting notes, recommended pairings, and even a map of the region of Japan the sake came from.

I selected a bottle of sake and proceeded to check out. You can type in a credit card or use PayPal. (I used PayPal because I was to lazy to get up and get wallet.) I placed my order chose standard shipping and waited. It took a little less than a week for the sake to be delivered.

The package must be signed by an adult that is 21 years of age or older. Since the time it was going to be delivered no one would be home at my house I had it shipped to a UPS center near my home. I picked up the package there and brought it home.

I was excited. I opened the package and saw the bottle was protected by an egg crate like packaging. The bottle was in perfect condition. I placed it in the refrigerator and plan on enjoying it this weekend for Father’s Day.

My sake in its protective carton for shipping

I think it was a great experience ordering from It was easy to browse and easy to order. The sake came in a timely manner and was easy to get. I do plan on using their services again and might even opt-in to their sake box subscription. I do recommend using if have a hard time finding a sake selection near you or even if you just want the ease of having sake come directly to your home.

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