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Sake Thoughts No.1 : The Naruto Mindset

Well this post isn’t about sake per se. It is more a post about one of the thoughts I have as I enjoy sake when I am relaxing.

Well recently I started watching some of the old cartoons I used to watch years ago. I was showing them to my kids in hopes that they would get the same enjoyment out of the cartoons as I did. The most recent one I introduced them to was Naruto.

I enjoyed Naruto because there was a good amount of action and comedy. The one thing I forgot (and probably never gave it second thought while watching) was how deep the show is. The basic plot is Naruto is a boy who lives in a ninja village. When he was first born, he had a nine tailed fox demon sealed inside of him. This led to pretty much everyone in the village shunning him. He has a goal of becoming the head ninja in the village and earning everyone’s respect. He graduates from the ninja academy and make his first real friends. Then some events happen and his friend (team member and rival) ends up going down an evil path. Naruto then begins to try and rescue his friend and work on becoming the head ninja.

A little additional info first.

Now, a lot has happened in my life since I first began watching the show. I got older, got married, had kids, and I see life differently now. I am a little more emotional than I used to be when I was younger. This change started pretty much when I became a dad. Also, at this point in my life I also getting more spiritual (I guess this would be the best way to describe it). Really, I am trying to become a better person, be a little less stressed, be happier, and trying to leave a small but good impact on the world. One of the things that has helped me with has been training in martial arts (the main one I train is Judo, but I recently have also started Iaido). Another tool has been dabbling into Buddhism and meditation.

Now training Judo and Iaido has led me to discover that one of the most powerful tools for anything is a person’s mentality. It can dictate how your training goes, and help you accomplish goals. Now, since I started Judo I have met many Olympians. (I am nowhere near that level. I am just a weekend warrior who uses the martial art to de-stress.) One of the things all of the Olympians I have met talked about training your mind as well as your body. They also talked about the power of visualization. So, I have been working on it that part of my martial arts training.

Back to my original point.

Now with all of this going on in my mind, which happens to always be going 1000 mph, I started watching Naruto again with my kids. Then while I was watching it, I began thinking more about Naruto and what must be going through his mind. He is a kid who was ignored by everyone in his village for a reason, he doesn’t know. Now, this would have made most people bitter and hateful, but it just made Naruto more determined to accomplish his goal and it made him more empathetic to people.

Now as you watch the show you learn more about his mindset and how he has a never quit attitude, will protect his friends and loved ones no matter what, and he also tries to remain positive and always working towards his goal. I won’t give away the stories, but the soundtrack to the show also was scored perfectly and seems to enhance the emotion and the feeling of the show.

To me Naruto has a very power mindset. He focuses on the positive, he is goal oriented, has a good moral compass, and he has empathy for other people and their suffering. One other key aspect which is the most import one I think is he understands that in order to achieve his goal it is going to be hard work. In the show you can see how just by being true to himself and working towards his goals he has an affect on those around him.

As I stated before I wanted to leave whatever positive change I could on the world. This is possible just by changing my mindset. I can have positive impact on my small sphere of influence which will some sore of ripple effect with others. It might not be a huge wave of change but it might be one that is small and then snowballs over time as my impact affects others and then they impact grows as it reaches other people.

Like I said I was just dumbfounded about how I didn’t remember this aspect of the show. I was also amazed about what a great lesson that is for anyone watching it. It is great lesson for kids and adults. If you haven’t seen the show check it out. If you have seen it, check it out again.

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