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WSET Level 1 in Sake

As I stated this web page will be about my sake journey. Well I love sake and know a little bit about it I decided to further my knowledge about it. Well I officially took some steps down that road.

I was googling about different sake certifications. I thought to myself I would like to be a sake sommelier. In all honesty I know how hard that is, and I don’t think I can accomplish that goal. However, you never know unless you try, right? So, I was looking up some sake certifications. I ended up at the Sake School of America’s web page. I found a whole list of classes with some within driving distance from me.

West Level 1 Award in Sake (Picture from Sake School of America web page)

I looked at the list and saw the WSET level 1 in Sake and a Sake Adviser certificate. I read about what each class was going to cover. Then I thought to myself which one should I take and what is the difference between the two classes? I contact the Sake School of America and was told the WSET level 1 is a beginner’s course and the Sake Adviser is more of an intermediate course. I thought to myself, “Great, now I really need to sit down and assess myself.”

I thought about it for a little bit. I decided to start with the beginners’ course. It will help refine what I already know, and I am sure there is more for me to learn at this level. I thought about the sign above the door where I train judo. The sign says “Please leave your ego and shoes at the door. Enter with a beginners mind.” I thought that statement applies well to learning martial arts and I thought it should apply to everything in life I want to learn about. I also thought I am not so cocky that I need to start off thinking I am better than I truly am. I figured start at the bottom and work my way up. I do not consider myself a sake expert, but more of an enthusiast who wants to learn more.

So the beginners course it is. I am excited for the class. I know I will learn something new and I will also learn more detail about what I already think I know. I am excited for my journey and I am happy to share it here. So raise your ochoko with and let’s toast to the next step. Kanpai!

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